New in paperback!

New in paperback!

Published to acclaim.

    America’s Open Door Policy for Nazi War Criminals
    by Richard Rashke
    A shocking exposé of the American government's campaign since 1940 to keep European Jews out of the U.S.- and knowingly allow dozens of Nazi war criminals in. From the award-winning author of Killing of Karen Silkwood and Escape from Sobibor.
  • My New Orleans,Gone Away
    by Peter Wolf
    "A heartfelt, intimate, and painfully honest account of the coming of age of one shy boy and of the exotic city he left behind, but will never forget."
    - Barbara Goldsmith, author of the bestselling Little Gloria, Happy at Last
  • A Season for Martyrs
    by Bina Shah
    "Listen to the voice of Bina Shah- you will hear a young, confident, compassionate new Pakistan. Her latest novel not only sparkles with wit and wisdom but is a deeply moving paean to the power of love for the author's Pakistani culture and people."
    - Professor Akbar Ahmed

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60th Anniversary Edition

  • The Killing of Karen Silkwood
    by Richard Rashke
    For this second edition of a classic work of investigative reporting, Richard Rashke has added new material that lays out what has been learned since the book's original publication discusses what happened to the various people involved in the Silkwood case.
  • The Language of Houses
    by Alison Lurie
    Lurie has returned with The Language of Houses, a provocative and entertaining journey through the architecture of houses and buildings and the divided spaces within that come to reflect the attitudes and purposes of the organizations and people who inhabit them.
  • Paul Taylor Dance Company:
    Diamond Anniversary Tribute
    by Paul Taylor
    A one-time limited printing of 1,000 copies; all-color photos.